Our external Preschool programme gives bilingual children attending other schools the opportunity to immerse themselves in English or German on Wednesday afternoons.

Our programme combines socialization activities with interactive lessons which cultivate our students’ communication skills in English or German while encouraging them to explore the world around them. Our classes are both serious and fun, using creative activities and special events to deepen their understanding of other cultures.  Our team of teachers is also multicultural and each teacher brings the richness of their country of origin.

Preschool - extension programme
  Anglophone Section  Germanophone Section 
>> CLASS equivalency GS (5 yrs old) PS (3 yrs old), MS (4 yrs old) and GS (5 yrs old)
Hours Wednesday, 13:45-16:45 Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
Location École élémentaire Gambetta à Sèvres
Duration 30 weeks from mid-September to mid-June 
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