4e9 is studying Macbeth

Miss Loxton's 4e pupils are currently studying Macbeth. Each lesson pupils are invited to perform parts of the play in front of the class; pupils then split into small groups to analyse the scenes in more depth. Here, pupils are seen performing Act 1 (Scenes 6 and 7) of the play. Miss Loxton has also invited her pupils to take part in an optional Shakespeare Soliloquy challenge, in which they memorise and perform their favourite soliloquy from Macbeth for their classmates. Coming to the blog soon! 

Par : admin le 07/10/2017


von Friedrich Schiller am 17 November um 19 Uhr 30 im SEL.
Students in 3e to Terminale may now sign up for the poetry-reading competition.
Des stratégies efficaces et protectrices pour lutter contre ce phénomène.