Betty Lau

Head of the English Department and University Counselling

Betty LAU
oversees the literature and language programme and teaches at the lycée level. She is an adviser for universities in the UK and has organised school trips to Ireland, Berlin and London.

Betty has been part of the OIB community for more than 15 years, beginning her career at the Lycée International de St.Germain-en-Laye. She was for many years on the ELSA FRANCE planning committee for the annual TDD (Teacher Development Day) in Paris and is now a board member of ASIBA, which promotes and supports international sections offering the British option of the OIB.

Betty studied Literature and Art History (1988-1992) at the University of Toronto, where she also earned an MA and her teaching qualifications (B Ed). Her varied academic and personal interests have taken her to studies at the Università di Siena, L’Ecole du Louvre, the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and most recently, the Instituto Venezia.





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a terminé l'année en chansons.
The latest edition of our Primary Anglophone Section magazine is now available.
Les élèves et les parents de l'Ecole Primaire fêtent la fin de l'année scolaire le 14 juin.