HMCE 2017 : A huge success

Congratulations to our delegation of 25 students who received several awards at this year’s Harvard Model Congress Europe in Madrid. Elise Galy-Jammou Prefontene was chosen out of all students at the conference to give the closing ceremonies speech. She gave a tremendously powerful speech and received a standing ovation.

Five students received Honorable Mentions: Clara Luc-House (Intelligence Committee), Maelys Lafaurie and James McCaul (Supreme Court), Pauline Bonafous and Patrick O'Mahoney (European Commission). And five students received Outstanding Delegates awards: Joseph Chotard (House Intelligence Committee), Hugo Waters (House Science Space and Technology Committee), Elise Galy-Jammou Prefontene (Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee), Authur Njamfa-(Senate Judiciary) and Antoine Taugis (National Security Council). Congratulations to our students and their teachers.

The Congress is run by Harvard undergraduates and provides a simulation of the US Congress and international organizations such as the UNSC, World Health Organization and the WTO.





Par : MFavier le 27/04/2017


qui ont reçu le Deutsche Sprachdiplom II
We are pleased to announce that our Anglophone section will be opening a ‘Little Peas’ class for 4 year olds.
sur deux collèges de Saint-Cloud. Une 2ème session de recrutement sera organisée le 17 mai pour le secondaire anglophone.