Nicky Epinay

Wednesday Programme Teacher

Nicky Epinay was born in England and studied languages, obtaining a B.A. joint honours degree from Queen Mary College –London University, specializing in French and Spanish.

She arrived in Paris in 1988 and went on to study for a degree in English literature at the Sorbonne (Paris III) and then a Masters degree, specializing in 17th century drama before passing the C.A.P.E.S to teach English in 1991.

Nicky has taught English in French and International schools in Kenya, Bahrain, Gabon and Australia to primary and secondary students from Year 4 to Year 10.

She joined the SIS Primary Programme in 2003 and taught P4 for 3 years before accompanying my family on an expatriate assignment to Australia in 2006 where she had the opportunity of teaching a class in the middle-years programme of a bilingual primary school in Canberra, (Australian Capital Territory.)

Nicky returned to the SIS Wednesday morning programme in 2010 to teach classes in the Wednesday Programme.

She has two children who are both bilingual. 

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von Friedrich Schiller am 17 November um 19 Uhr 30 im SEL.
Students in 3e to Terminale may now sign up for the poetry-reading competition.
Des stratégies efficaces et protectrices pour lutter contre ce phénomène.