Play 2017

Monday, March 20th and Tuesday, March 21st at 19h30

The Canterbury Tales at the "Carré Belle Feuille" theatre in Boulogne

In a tradition stretching back over twenty years, SIS Paris Ouest is proud to present their latest play: The Canterbury Tales. The tales humorously highlight human failings: the danger of greed, the pitfalls of pride and infidelity; they also give the militant Wife of Bath (the original 'Nasty Woman') a chance to challenge sexual inequality. Plus ça change….  As fresh as when Geoffrey Chaucer first penned them in the late 14th century, the SIS Tales, written by Paddy Salmon and adapted by Carol Cretaigne, are brought to you with the participation of over 100 students. Ticket sales enable us to cover the heavy costs involved in this complex project which we hold dearly to our hearts.  

Thank you for ordering your tickets (online only) and spreading the word as widely as you can. Long live the Play!


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Students are invited to take part in our Middle School poetry reading competition on March 20th or March 23rd.
Réunions d'informations & Portes ouvertes - Maternelle & Primaire
22 & 23 March at 19:30 | Théâtre Carré Belle-Feuille à Boulogne