Poetry By Heart for 6e-5e-4e

SIS students in 6e, 5e, and 4e are invited to take part in the Middle School ‘Poetry By Heart’ competition. Contestants must recite one poem by heart (a poem of at least 15 lines in English) for the first round of the competition at SIS.

To choose a poem you may find inspiration at this website OR you can choose a poem you have studied in class.

Students should come to RJ1 at the Collège de Sèvres at lunchtime (between 12-13:25) on either Tuesday 20th March or Friday 23rd March ready to read their poem. (Students at Chaville who are not available at either of these times, should contact their teacher.) 



Par : Cornell-Pouret le 26/03/2018


qui ont reçu le Deutsche Sprachdiplom II
We are pleased to announce that our Anglophone section will be opening a ‘Little Peas’ class for 4 year olds.
sur deux collèges de Saint-Cloud. Une 2ème session de recrutement sera organisée le 17 mai pour le secondaire anglophone.