Poetry By Heart Competition in Paris

And first prize goes to…. Alexia Laurie, from the SIS!!!"

Alexia, 3e pupil from Chaville, was the winner for her year group at the ELSA 'Poetry By Heart' Poetry Reading Competition, which took place at Ecole Jeannine Manuel in Paris on March 18th. It was a tense moment on stage as winners and runner-ups were announced amongst contestants from four year groups and eleven international schools across France. Alexia read a witty and amusing poem, ‘Proverbial Ballade’ by W. Cope for the final. 

After an in-house competition organised by Carol Cretaigne, the SIS entered three other contestants along with Alexia in the finals in Paris:

Pauline Bonafous 2nd 

Lise Delamarre 1e

Lily Ladurner Terminale

Each of our participants gave exceptional performances and clearly impressed their peers and audiences with readings of two poems of their choice from the 'Poetry by Heart' Anthology - one pre-1914 and one post-1914. They were judged by a panel of teachers and educators on four criteria: accuracy, voice, performance, and understanding. 

Although not everyone was able to come home with a prize, they did their coaches - Carol Cretaigne and Stephanie Daly - very proud and were superb ambassadors for the SIS with their energy and enthusiasm.

A big thank you and round of applause to our talented students who gave their heart, voices and minds to learning their poems and giving such a moving display of the power of words and the enduring art of poetry!!! 

Betty Lau,

Head of English Department


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