Post-bac US et Canada - Premières

Matinée Post-bac pour les Premières 

Lycée, Bât A, salle de conférence


1. US : How to find the right University in the US

Finding the right college programme in the US is often a challenge. Caroline Bouffard, Independent College Counselor with A+ College Coaching will help you understand how to start the college search process. Parents and students in 1ère are welcome.


2. Canada : Researching Canandian Universities

A representative from the Canadian Embassy will give a presentation about how to find the right University in Canada.


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Par : MFavier le 08/09/2017


qui ont reçu le Deutsche Sprachdiplom II
We are pleased to announce that our Anglophone section will be opening a ‘Little Peas’ class for 4 year olds.
sur deux collèges de Saint-Cloud. Une 2ème session de recrutement sera organisée le 17 mai pour le secondaire anglophone.