Post-bac US et Canada - Premières

Matinée Post-bac pour les Premières 

Lycée, Bât A, salle de conférence


1. US : How to find the right University in the US

Finding the right college programme in the US is often a challenge. Caroline Bouffard, Independent College Counselor with A+ College Coaching will help you understand how to start the college search process. Parents and students in 1ère are welcome.


2. Canada : Researching Canandian Universities

A representative from the Canadian Embassy will give a presentation about how to find the right University in Canada.


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Lundi 13 novembre à 19h30 au Lycée de Sèvres, Bât A.
von Friedrich Schiller am 17 November um 19 Uhr 30 im SEL.
Students in 3e to Terminale may now sign up for the poetry-reading competition.