Read-a-thon to Save Elephants

by Cynthia Kaiser

The Anglophone Wednesday Primary P4 teachers, Jenny Bateman Irish, Carmen Markes and Cynthia Kaiser, organized a Read-a-thon for their students in CE2 over the Christmas holidays. As their holiday homework, students were asked to read as many books as possible, of their choosing, and to find sponsors. They were to explain the project and convince sponsors to pledge an amount of their choosing for each book read. Once the vacation was over, students returned to sponsors to report how many books they’d read and collect the pledges.

In P4, the class read a book called Akimbo and the Elephants by Alexander McCall Smith about a boy in Africa whose father is a ranger and who is upset when he sees an orphaned baby elephant next to its mother recently killed by poachers for her tusks. Akimbo hatches a plan to find out who the leader of the poachers is and to help the rangers capture the gang red-handed.

To link this book to what is being done in Africa to save elephants, the teachers decided to raise funds for an organization working to save African wildlife. We held our first Read-a-thon in Spring 2013. For the past three years, we have been donating our proceeds to Elephants for Africa This organization works with local populations in Botswana to teach them ways of cohabiting peacefully with the elephants. Elephants often destroy farmers’ crops, so Elephants for Africa works with the farmers on non-violent dissuasive methods like using pepper spray on plants. The organization also works with local schools, and keeps track of the elephant population. 

SIS discovered Elephants for Africa through former Head of Primary, Jenny Bennett whose daughter Emily works with Elephants for Africa. Cynthia Kaiser has been in contact every year with Dr. Kate Evans, the founder and director of the organization. Last year the teachers organized a Skype call with her during the Read-a-thon ceremony. Students showed her pictures they had drawn and read short statements to her about elephants. She subsequently contacted Cynthia to ask if she could send her some drawings and quotes to use in a book she was collaborating on (2 drawings and 4 quotes were included). The book, Harmony for Elephants, was published earlier this year. It is a fine arts book with photos by Leslie Wood, texts by Kate Evans and an accompanying CD of music written specially for the book by well-known musicians including some ex-Genesis members. Part of the proceeds from book sales go to Elephants for Africa. 

The 2017 Read-a-thon ceremony was held on April 26 to congratulate the students for having raised 957 euros. We also honored our top readers and fundraisers who are on the photo with just 5 children, from left to right: Suzannah Rouhier, Dimitri Salsarulo, Gabriel de la Taille, AnLouise Guinand and Yewon Jang.

Par : MFavier le 28/04/2017


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