September 2018 Admissions

We still have places available in the following classes:

Integrated classes (enrolled as a full-time student at one of our host schools)

  • CP (Year 2/ 1st grade) class in Boulogne
  • 6e (Year 7/6th grade) class in Saint-Cloud
  • 5e (Year 8/7th grade) class in Saint-Cloud
  • 4e (Year 9/8th grade) class in Saint-Cloud

Extension classes (enrolled as a part-time student on Wednesday afternoons)

  • 6e (Year 7/6th grade) class in Sèvres
  • 5e (Year 8/7th grade) class in Sèvres

Please contact our Admissions officer before July 13th or after August 27th at

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We still have places available in several classes.