Vic Vermaak

Vic Vermaak is a Primary School Teacher from South Africa. He moved to Paris in August 2017 and started teaching the SIS Primary program from October 2017. Vic also studied piano and orchestra at university and spends a lot of time playing the piano. 

What does he like about SIS?

Working with a great team of enthusiastic and helpful teachers. What more can one ask for? 

What type of teaching style does he have?

Vic prefers a student-centered approach to learning where teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. 

Par : MFavier le 21/01/2018


qui ont reçu le Deutsche Sprachdiplom II
We are pleased to announce that our Anglophone section will be opening a ‘Little Peas’ class for 4 year olds.
sur deux collèges de Saint-Cloud. Une 2ème session de recrutement sera organisée le 17 mai pour le secondaire anglophone.