Thank you for your interest in our programmes located in Sèvres, Chaville and Boulogne. Our team is available to help and guide you through the Admissions process.

Our Integrated and Extension programmes are designed for students who are fluent in English or German, either due to their family background or from having lived in an English or German speaking country. Read more

Our Integrated programmes are part of the French education system and are better known as "International Sections". International Sections were officially created in 1981 to offer children from foreign or binational families established in France the opportunity to integrate into the French school system while continuing to be taught in their mother tongue. Children must also be fluent in French. Two subjects are taught in the section language: language-literature and history-geography. Read more. 

 Informational meeting for Middle and High School programmes on Saturday 20 January 2018 at 9:30 am at the Collège de Sèvres. Register here

Applications for 2018-2019 

6ème through Terminale (Year 7 / 6th grade - Year 13 / 12th grade) Applications for our Anglophone and Germanophone sections will open on Thursday, November 30th 2017.

Preschool and Primary School Applications for our Anglophone and Germanophone sections will open on Thursday, February 1st 2018.

If you have children in both Primary and Secondary school levels, you must apply according to the different application dates mentioned above.

Our Admissions Team will contact you within a period of 5 days upon receipt of each application. Please find below the application fee details: 

  • On-site test all levels:   155 €/per child*
  • Distance test all levels: 280 €/per child 

* Exception for integrated primary: For children already enrolled in Wednesday school who wish to take the test for integrated primary, the application fee is 105 €.


Step 1



Download the application form below for the level of your choice. Fill out one application for each child and email the completed form to admissions@sissevres.orgPlease note that all applications MUST be sent by electronic mail.



click here for Applications -> Middle School - Mittelstufe High School -  Oberstufe


PRESCHOOL & PRIMARY SCHOOL applications will be available February 1st 2018

  Pour voir notre tableau d'équivalence cliquez ici -  Click here to see a grade/year equivalency chart.


Step 2



Your child's Application Form is reviewed by our Admest s'élèvent à 105 €. issions Officer. If your child meets our entry requirements, he or she will be scheduled for a language test.

Click on the programme of your choice below. 


 Wednesday Extension Programme Test Dates: Preschool and Primary 
 Integrated Primary School Test Dates  
  Middle and High School Test Dates  


Entrance Test

The entrance test evaluates the applicant’s language proficiency in either English or German. There is an oral and written evaluation depending on the applicant’s school level.  An additional test in French or Math may be required depending on the applicant’s academic background. The tests take place at one of our host schools. 

For more information about preparing for the Entrance Test click on the section and the level of your choice :

Anglophone Section   Germanophone Section
Preschool & Primary   Preschool & Primary
Middle School   Middle School
High School   High School


Step 3


After each testing session, the applications and test results are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. 

Preschool and Primary

Integrated & Extension programmes:

Parents will be notified by email as soon as the firm offers of admission have been approved by the Admissions Committee. (4-8 weeks after testing session)

Test results will not be given over the phone. If the applicant receives a firm offer of admission, proceed to Step 4.

Middle and High School

The Admissions Committee will select a list of eligible applicants. Parents will be notified by email as soon as the list of eligible applicants is posted on our website.

Test results will not be given over the phone. If the applicant is eligible for admission, proceed to Step 4.


Step 4



Preschool and Primary

Integrated & Extension programmes:

  • A first installment of tuition fees must be paid to secure firm offer within two weeks of notification.
  • Attention Primary integrated applicants: If your child does NOT reside in Sèvres or Boulogne, you must request a “derogation” or special exemption from local zoning rules at your local Town Hall or Mairie as soon as you receive a firm offer of admission. Our Admissions team will guide you through the process. Please contact

Middle and High School

Integrated & Extension programmes:

  • A first installment of tuition fees must be paid to secure an eligible offer within two weeks of notification.

Integrated programmes:

  • All integrated International Section programme applicants must also be approved by the French Administration. The administration, DSDEN or Direction départementale de l'Education nationale, will process and confirm the eligible applicant’s place in the International Section of our host school through their computerised database called Affelnet. A first list will be published at the beginning of June. Additional names may be added to the list at the end of June. Your deposit will be returned if your child’s application is not accepted by the DSDEN.
  • If your child is currently enrolled in a Collège or Lycée in France, your current school will ask you to fill out the “Afflenet fiche navette” form. You must indicate that your “1er choix” is “en section international à XXXX”  (Collège de Sèvres or Collège Jean Moulin de Chaville or Lycée J.P. Vernant depending on your child’s offer from SIS). 

  • ATTENTION : If your child has been enrolled in schools outside of the French National Education system for more than 2 school years, then you must contact the administration, DSDEN, to organise an evaluation of your child's academic level. Read more about the requirements. (in French)




Coordonnées de la DSDEN des Hauts-de-Seine :

DSDEN de l’Education nationale - Service scolarité / Centre administratif départemental

167-177 avenue Frédéric et Irène Joliot Curie / 92013 Nanterre cedex / TÉL : 01-40-97-34-34

DSDEN des Yvelines (78)

accueil du public: 19 avenue du Centre

7820 Guyancourt

postal address: 

BP 100

78053 Saint Quentin en Yvelines cedex

Tel. 01 39 23 60 00



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