Tuition and General Conditions

SIS is an association governed by the 1901 French law relating to non-profit organizations. Tuition fees are approved and adjusted annually at the association’s Annual General Meeting which is held during the first school term, usually in November.

The corporate rate is applied when payment of a family’s tuition fees is totally or partially subsidised by an institution (Embassy, Unesco) or a company. In the event of partial aid, a pro rata is calculated between the individual and corporate rates.

The individual rate is applied when a family does not receive employee benefits to cover tuition fees and must pay the cost themselves. Families with more than one child at SIS may receive a family discount as long as the children are enrolled in the integrated international section programmes (i.e. the integrated primary or secondary programmes). A signed statement confirming the family situation is requested and the administrative staff must be notified of any changes made during the school year. Since we do not want tuition fees to be an obstacle for bilingual families with financial difficulties, these families can request a reduction in tuition fees for our Integrated programmes (Primary and Secondary). All financial aid requests will be assessed on a case by case basis.


The rates below are the tuition fees for the current school year.

Annual membership fees (per family): 220€ for new families and 170 € for returning families

Individual rate

2016-2017  Books (1) 1st child (2)

Wednesday Programme (Preschool & Primary Anglophone)

30 € 793 €
Wednesday Programme (Preschool & Primary Germanophone) 15 € 793 €
Integrated Primary School 30 € 2 222 €
Middle School 70 € 2 450 €
High School 65 €  2 838 €


(1) The book fee covers the cost of most of the books and manuals used specifically in international section classes.

(2) There is a discount for a second child and any subsequent child from the same family enrolled in our Integrated International Section classes.

The above fees do not include school lunches (about 500-600€/year), the cost of taking IGCSE exams (literature) and school trips.

Corporate rate 

2016-2017 Books (1) Per child
Wednesday Programme (Preschool & Primary Anglohone) 15 €  1 270 €
Wednesday Programme (Preschool & Primary Germanophone) 30 € 1 270 €
Integrated Primary School 30 € 3 560 €
Middle School 70 € 3 920 €
High School 65 €  4 550 €



A confirmation of enrolment for the following academic year must be made before March 31st.

Instalment Payments

In order to gather preliminary information regarding space availability across all grade levels for the following school year, families are asked to confirm their intent to enrol or re-enrol their child(ren) by making an instalment payment. New families will pay the first instalment by cheque after the firm offers of admission have been accepted.  Returning family accounts will be automatically debited on May 10th. If this payment is not received by the required date, SIS reserves the right to request the withdrawal of the student.

First instalment payments for the following school year:

  • 700€ per student in the Middle and High School programmes
  • 550€ per student in the Primary Integrated programmes
  • 250€ per student in the Preschool or Primary Extracurricular programmes

This first instalment is non-refundable, except for the following:

  • A 50% reimbursement will be made if one of the child’s parents is transferred outside of the Paris region by their employer before June 30th. Our administrative office must receive written notification of the transfer by June 30th (date of receipt by SIS office). After June 30th, the first instalment will not be reimbursed.
  • The instalment will be fully reimbursed if SIS decides not to re-enrol the student during the third school term. (failure to respect the SIS pedagogical contract, insufficient level in section language, student must repeat the school year)

Automatic Withdrawals

Tuition fees are usually paid by automatic withdrawals. The remaining instalments are paid by seven monthly automatic withdrawals that are of equal amount. An invoice with the amounts and dates of each instalment will be sent after the Annual General Meeting during which the current school year fees are approved. In the event that a student leaves SIS during the academic year, the withdrawals will be suspended on the 15th of the month following the student’s departure. The tuition fees that have already been paid will not be refunded. All additional school fees must be paid in full.

School Calendar

Our Integrated Primary, Middle and High School programmes follow the national school calendar for French public schools. Our Extracurricular programmes have class on 30 Wednesdays during the school year.


Families that are experiencing financial difficulties may request financial aid. A letter should be sent, together with a copy of your most recent tax form and any other pertinent supporting documents, to the Director of the Association. Requests are assessed on a case by case basis and will be treated confidentially.



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